Hello sleepless pain my old friend…

After just under a month, I had another bad night with the RLS (restless legs syndrome) with sharp stabbing pains in both ankles and one wrist that left me staggering around, falling asleep standing up or awake and writhing in pain when lying down all night long.

Sadly the B1 supplements don’t seem to be enough, even though I started out with a heroic dose. I’d already spoken to my doctor about trying to up my duloxetine; since I started it for other reasons there’s been studies demonstrating that it can help with neurological pain.

Still, that will be a process. In the meantime, I am chugging coffee like a crazy person because if I sleep too early during the day today I will be up all night for that reason aside from anything my RLS decides to do.

Which sucks, because I have no idea why it was so bad last night.  I’ve identified some factors that can make it worse, but none of those applied. It had been slowly ramping up over the last few days (Thursday onward) until it got to an unbearable level last night, so maybe it was just the B1 supplements losing effectiveness?

But maybe not. Maybe it’s some other factor that I am totally unaware of, and that’s almost worse.

In the meantime, lots and lots and lots of coffee and keeping moving as much as I can so I don’t fall asleep too early.

This sucks.

Featured Photo by Thanh Tran on Unsplash

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