The Art of the Relationship Insta-Kill

What would be a relationship instakill for you?

She blew all of the tax return money on a weekend of drugs.
He showed her a picture of a model, and said “I want you to look like that by the end of the year.”
She went through his phone messages, and flew into a fury whenever he showed kindness to another woman.
He offered her to his friends for sex.
She insisted they had to have an argument, right then, and angrily.
He said he’d kill himself if she didn’t stay with him.

There’s some things that are relationship insta-kills1.  They screw the pooch so hard it can’t be unscrewed.  They demolish the fundamentals of that relationship in a way that it can’t continue.

At least, they should.  Right?


The thing is, not everyone agrees that these are one-shot kills for a relationship.  And sometimes that answer changes when they’re the one in the relationships. One person told me that cheating was an insta kill when of they were married…but not if they were dating. Another told me lying to hang out with another guy was an insta kill…not because she was hanging out with another guy, but because she lied.

I think that maybe relationship instakills should be part of your user manual.  Write them down – preferably before you’re in a relationship.  That way you can refer back to them if the situation happens…or allow you to notice if your criteria changes. 

What’s your instakills?

1 As always, see my artistic license policy. And see this post about it before you argue with me about my policy.