My Show-Mashup Idea For Marvel

I saw this publicity still from Thor: Ragnarok of Jeff Goldblum’s character and… well, here’s where I ended up with it.  (Marvel, feel free to steal this.  Really. I want to see this. But it’s gonna be headcanon for me.)

After “The Incident” and the revelations of Asgardian technology, a brilliant scientist manages to reverse engineer bits of it… y’know, like what happened in Independence Day when aliens showed up. 
This isn’t exactly new territory – Agents of SHIELD has been mucking about with alien tech for its whole run one way or another.
But we’re just getting started.
See, our Goldblum-esque scientist doesn’t just reverse engineer any old Asgardian tech.  They reverse engineer Bifrost tech.  
One of my favorite bits of Agents of SHIELD lately was when they were offworld. It was cool. It was bringing new realms into the show instead of just being a way to introduce other characters (Yes, I really loved the Ghost Rider in the show, but that’s an exception.)  You’ve probably already figured out where I’m going with this.  Rather than a one-off alien rando teleporter macguffin, I want them to reverse engineer this:
You might think the portal they already had in Season 3 means they’ve traveled this road already, but with the addition of the Darkhold, this plants the possibility of a portal not just to ONE location, but a gate like the ones from Stargate.
And then, my friends… then things could get really interesting.  You can have whatever kind of shows you want – exploration, sociological, overarching conspiracies… plus the regular AoS stories we’re already doing.  Plus the whole “how the hell would Asgard react to this” thing.  
I know, it won’t happen.  But still, it’d be cool, wouldn’t it?
Or maybe I just miss SG:U.  

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  1. March 16, 2017

    It's a fun idea, I'd watch it! (Although I miss SG:U, too. Poor Eli all alone!!)

    However, I do have to say when I first saw the image out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was Caesar Flickerman and you would suggest a Marvel/Hunger Games mash-up like the Avengers Arena comic series. 🙂

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