Why We March

There’s folks who think we’re marching and protesting because we’re sore losers. And I guess there’s a small chance of that.

But maybe…just maybe… we are looking at Trump and seeing how he’s sullying the traditions and history of the office. How he’s already tarnished the reputation of the office and our country by handwaving away corruption and putting the swamp-people he campaigned against into office. Maybe it’s because we respect our sisters and wives and daughters and girlfriends and mothers, and want them to be treated with respect. Maybe it’s because we value the purity of our air and water for our people and our forests and our farms, and see how our legacy is being handed over to rich absentee businessmen. Maybe it’s because we remember our nation’s foundation with wave after wave of immigrants, and realize the strength that brought us.

Maybe it’s how all those values are being cast aside that have us horrified and scared and angry.

No, those aren’t “maybe” reasons.

That’s exactly why.

[This was originally posted on Facebook; you are welcome to repost this with attribution to the Facebook post or to this blog post.  – Steve]

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One Comment

  1. January 22, 2017

    Well said.

    And as I have often said to friends and family, this is not just about Trump. A look at the platform the Republicans put out this summer is pretty horrifying.

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