Six Rules For Survival Under An Authoritarian Power (Text Transcript)

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Six Rules For Survival Under An Authoritarian Power

Rule 1: Don’t stay indifferent. It WILL concern you eventually. It will concern your family, your friends. Voice your objection IMMEDIATELY. Show them you care. RESIST.

Rule 2: They thrive on FEAR and IGNORANCE. Expose their scaremongering, show flaws in their arguments. Raise awareness. EDUCATE people around you. They will try to distort FACT, rewrite history. DON’T LET THEM.

Rule 3: Organize protest movements, mobilize civil society. They’re well organized, so should you be. FLOOD THE STREETS. They WILL back off when they see your numbers. They depend on you – the PEOPLE.

Rule 4: Don’t let them divide you into a “better sort”, “true Americans” vs. “traitors”, “enemies of the state”. You’re ALL citizens, ONE nation, despite different beliefs and ideology. Make your diversity your STRENGTH. Stay TOGETHER for a common goal – survival of your country, of freedom and democracy.

Rule 5: Don’t give up, don’t get tired, and don’t try to wait it out. Don’t hope it will pass. It WON’T. They will manipulate the people, control the media to sway public opinion, fix the electoral system, and STAY FOR GOOD.

Rule 6: If you don’t get them to back off or to step down, you better make goddamn SURE that when the next elections come, and there’s still any democracy left, NO ONE will vote for the same bastard again!

– With love, your Eastern European friends   #LearnFromEurope

(I saw this graphic on Twitter, along with a request that it be
turned into text for people with disabilities.  Sadly, while I saved the
image, I forgot to save the link I got it from. I claim no credit for
it, other than I typed the thing out.)

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  1. February 4, 2017

    Thank you! A friend shared the white-on-black image version, and I found this in a search for a copyable format. Thank you! Sharing.

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