Help Preserve The Rules That Make Our Country Great: Act TODAY.

Dear Republican and Conservative friends, family, and citizens: 
Last night I went to sleep with the normal cat and mouse game that is our checks and balances and our country. That is, the executive policy about banning people from certain “Muslim” countries and the Judiciary putting a stay on enforcing  that executive order. 
This is not about that order. 
Look, we probably disagree on what’s best for this country or at the very least how to achieve what’s best for this country. That’s understandable. That’s the sort of thing that a well-functioning democracy needs. We need someone with a different point of view to call us on our mistakes, our errors of judgment, and our echo chambers. 
But as part of this country we all agree to play by the rules.
That is not what is happening now. 
When I played dominoes with my grandfather he insisted on playing by a specific set of rules. We played by different rules at home. But wherever we were, all the players agreed on which set of rules we were using. If I’d decided to change the rules because I wasn’t winning, because I wasn’t getting my way, then that meant I was cheating.
We may disagree on what the best thing is for our country. We may disagree on the best ways to make our country great. We may even disagree or what the rules should be. 
But you play by the rules.
This flat-out ignoring of the historical checks and balances, one of the things I’ve always been taught that made our country great, the current administration has decided that they don’t have to play by the rules.
I’m willing to bet that you agree that working hard and playing by the rules are values that we all share. 
I ask that you, along with me, insist that our government – including the executive branch – follow the rules that we have all agreed to. 
Contact all your representatives and elected officials right now by phone, if possible.
You can find contact information at: 
Thank you.

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  1. January 30, 2017

    After 8 years of listening to the GOP bitch about executive overreach, we have a blatant case of it here.

    By the way, the link at the beginning of the article goes to a story about Uber, not DHS ignoring judicial orders.

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