I’m putting new projects on hold until existing ones are completed

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The end of 2014 almost ended me. I experienced a huge emotional shock which kicked me off-kilter for most of 2015 and put most of my publishing efforts on hold.

Then, at the end of 2015, I started up again with the Kickstarter for recompose.
That I ended up in the hospital before it was over should have been a warning sign.
For Alliteration Ink, 2016 has been marked by a departure from my prior behavior, and not in a good way. A portion of it has been other people, but really, the blame lies with me. Whether due to depression, physical illness, or other factors, every project in 2016 has been late in coming to fulfillment.
It was important for me to start publishing again at the end of 2015 and through this year. But it’s clear that I overestimated my own resources and how much I’d recovered. While I’ve been much better (emotionally, at least; I’ve been physically sick almost continuously since November), that also meant that I was dealing with half a year’s backlog.
But that’s all excuses. Reasons, if you want to be generous, but really, excuses.
I’ve not been able to fulfill my promise to all of you, to deliver the books that you so generously supported both emotionally and financially.
Before I start any new publishing projects, Alliteration Ink is going to finish fulfilling all outstanding projects. That includes Devils’ Field, recompose, No Shit, There I Was, and Steampunk Universe.
While those projects are finishing, I’ll be putting things in place so that I’m able to be healthy and productive – and so that if I get laid low (for whatever reason), everything doesn’t come off the rails.
After that, we’ll start back up, beginning with a second year of recompose.
Thank you for your patience and support.

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