You gotta hear this: The Fallen London OST (and you should probably give Fallen London a shot too!)

Okay, first, let me put Fallen London in context for you here.

They use the term “browser game” to describe it, which frankly put me off of it for the longest time. I played Sunless Sea (“Lose your mind. Eat your crew.”) first, and thought it a rather nice quasi-roguelike with an interesting backstory. But I resisted Fallen London itself for the longest time.

And then I realized my mistake.

You see, Fallen London is perhaps most accurately described as the most elaborate choose-your-own-adventure story to date.

London has fallen into the underworld during the gothic era. Hijinks – and murder, and strangeness – ensue. The artwork is gorgeous, the web design is a delight (though not particularly mobile-friendly… yet), and it’s just a great way to spend some time every so often.

Sure, it has an amount of multiplayer interaction, but for the most part, it’s all about the story, and what choices you make for your character. It’s free to play in your browser (though there are paid perks for some bonuses and to unlock some storylines, they are not necessary to enjoy the game). Give it a day or two to sink its tentacles of story into you, and you’ll find yourself as compelled as I.  (Senor Wombat, if you’re interested in sending me a calling card).

And then there’s the soundtrack.

Yes, a soundtrack to a freaking browser game. (Though parts of it are used for Sunless Sea as well).  And it’s a nice, creepy, steampunky kind of soundtrack that works well for writing.

It’s available on Bandcamp for £7 or better. Take a listen, I suspect you’ll be as entranced as I was.