Board Game Review: Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem

Last weekend I got the chance to play the Sons of Anarchy game again with some friends, and realized that I’d not actually told y’all about how much I like it.

Other people’s faces blurred, because ANARCHY.

Okay, so maybe this is what you think of when you think “Sons of Anarchy board game”…

…but you’d be wrong.

First, you don’t need to know anything about the show to enjoy this game. I’m sure that fans of the show will get a kick out of place names and the like, but it’s the game itself that I’m a fan of, not the show.

Second, the game is only $15 on Amazon, which for a game of this kind is pretty amazing.  There’s two expansions (they usually sell for about $10 each) that are nice, but not necessary if you just want to try the game out (they expand the game from 3-4 to up to 6 players).  There’s also an “unleaded” and “high octane” mode; the former has all the gangs being exactly equal, while the latter makes them different, but balanced.

This was my gang

As you go through gameplay, random locations appear that you’ll want to use… and you have a lot more potential locations than you’ll use in any one game, so replay value is really high.

Not to mention it’s kinda cool to move your little biker guys around…

I took over the military surplus!

…and sometimes things can get hotly contested.

Everyone wanted to own the porn studio…

The first time you play – especially if you have more than four players – will probably be around two hours.  After that, the sixty minute play time is pretty accurate (though possibly a tish longer for six players).

While this is a “work replacement” game (where you get to beat up the workers!), it’s pretty intuitive to pick up; usually folks have the hang of it before the first full turn is over. 
For only four bucks more than Battleship (yes, really) you can get Sons of Anarchy, a game that’s a lot more fun and has a hell of a lot more replay value.

Oh – and I highly recommend playing DOROTHY or Sleep Machine as a suitable soundtrack.  

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