Miss the ‘Verse? Wearing your brown coat? You should probably check out Killjoys. Like now.

Okay, look. I saw this promo image too:

This image? Goofy as hell.  And totally unfair to the show.

You want something a bit more representative?  Try the official trailer:

Want more of that fight scene with the spider bombs? Here you go:

I decided to watch this show after reading the Mary Sue’s review of it

And gorram it all, my droogs, it is shiny.  Shiny and chrome.

If you have cable with a provider, you can watch it online.  Or buy the season on Amazon or Google if you don’t. .  Because, my droogs, this show is worth your hard earned credits. Or joys. Or whatever you want to call it.

It’s fun. It’s smart… but not too smart to lose sight of the fun. I’m 2/3 of the way through the first season, and completely hooked. The characters are fully fleshed out, the storyline is complex enough without being opaque, and there’s always some good eye candy regardless of your preference.

Oh yes, my lovelies.

Does it have the usual flaws of television sci-fi?  Some of them.  The sets are a little … earth-like at times.  But overall, the production values are high, and the actors – especially the supporting cast – are pretty bang-on.

Well worth the $17 for the season.  Well worth it indeed.

One thought on “Miss the ‘Verse? Wearing your brown coat? You should probably check out Killjoys. Like now.

  1. katfrench says:

    Totally agree. I watched it live over the summer (for the most part), and enjoyed the heck out of it. They managed to cram a lot of character development, worldbuilding and just plain FUN into a ten episode season. I *really* hope it comes back for a second season. I ended up liking it much more than the far more lauded Dark Matter.

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