My Most Used Android Apps – What are Yours? (Dec 2014 edition)

It’s been a while since I posted a list of my favorite Android apps and a bunch of people I know have just gotten new ‘droids, so here’s a new and updated list!  As before, I’m omitting some of the "obvious" ones like Dropbox, Gmail, and ones that require rooting or mad tech skillz.

Radar Express – NOAA Weather

Simple, ad-supported radar and hazardous conditions alerts.  For radar junkies like me, this is wonderful.

Clean Master (Speed Booster)

Like many cleaning apps, it tries to suggest a bit more than you really need, but dang it’s good at getting rid of extra stuff you don’t need.

Nova Launcher

Fast, super-customizable, but with stock options familiar enough that new folks won’t be confused either.


About the only app I’ve found that actually makes contact management easy.  Integrates easily with most social media networks as well… without borking them up. 

Lux (link to the lite version)

Your screen is the biggest energy drain on your phone.  Lux helps make it less so.  (And also helps you not be blinded at night…)

Juice SSH client

If you know you need this, you should also know you need this one.

WiFi File Transfer (Pro Link)

Move files onto your phone.  Move them off.  All over WiFi.  Period.  Very straightforward, simple, and a pleasure to use.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager

Clipper is a powerful clipboard manager that automatically saves everything you copy. Access your clipboard history later and organize clippings in lists. Copy, paste, view, edit and share their contents. Store repetitive pieces of text in Clipper and copy them whenever you need to. Take control of copy and paste with Clipper!


Own a paper copy of a book?  If the publisher participates (and Alliteration Ink does!), you can get the eBook copy for free or a discounted price.  Like Amazon’s Matchbook, but works with any retailer and for books you already own.

Galaxy Universal Remote

Does what it says on the tin.  Easy to configure and use.

Moon Reader

Closest thing to a decent ePub reader.  (The official Kindle app is the only decent mobi reader I’ve found.)


Corkboard-style organization.  While it has a pro version, the free version is awesome enough, and you can access it from any browser as well.


Highly recommended RSS reader.  Works with Feedly on the backend. 

Andmade Share

Configurable "share" menu so you don’t have to see all the stuff you don’t WANT to see.


If you actually want to write (anything other than code) on your tablet, this is the app you want.  Syncs with Dropbox, supports markdown.


Excellent for writing code.


Compatible with KeePass and KeePassX with dropbox syncronization, so you can have your passwords secure AND portable.


I like Plume for my power-user Twitter needs

What are your favorite (or most useful) Android apps?

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