My Most Used Android Apps – What Are Yours?

I've had to give out recommendations for apps for Android tablets three times now since Christmas, so I thought I'd just write up what I consider some "must-have" apps. 
Note:  I've left off some of the more obvious ones (Gmail, Dropbox), games, the customization ones, and the ones that require rooting or any kind of tech skill.  That said, feel free to suggest your favorites (with a link) below.

Moon Reader closest thing to a decent ePub reader.  (The official Kindle app is the only decent mobi reader I've found.)

Trello:  Corkboard-style organization.  While it has a pro version, the free version is awesome enough, and you can access it from any browser as well.

Google Voice:  You will be able to text over wifi.  You can get a new number or port your existing one.

Pocket:  Save and read stuff from over the web in an simple easy to read format

Simple Podcatcher:  Lets you stream podcasts.  You don't store them locally, so you don't have to worry about the size of your SD card.
Press:  Highly recommended RSS reader.  Works with Feedly on the backend.

AirDroid:  Lets you transfer files easily to your tablet from your PC over your LAN.

Andmade Share:  Configurable "share" menu so you don't have to see all the stuff you don't WANT to see.

Connectbot:  Pretty decent SSH client.  If there was only a way to have tab completion work....

Contacts+:  One of the best contact apps I've ever seen.  EVER.  Pulls in from where you want it to, and doesn't screw up existing contact settings.  Very nice.

Deadbeef:  Just like the *nix Deadbeef player, it handles about any audio format (including streams) you throw at it.

Draft:  If you actually want to write (anything other than code) on your tablet, this is the app you want.  Syncs with Dropbox, supports markdown.

Droidedit:  Excellent for writing code.

Android Keepass:  Compatible with KeePass and KeePassX with dropbox syncronization, so you can have your passwords secure AND portable.

Plume:  I like Plume for my power-user Twitter needs

VPNs are pretty much required these days...  I can't just have OpenVPN due to some firewalls, hence two VPN apps.

PDF Viewer:  Views PDFs as it says on the tin.  Does it well.

I didn't "get" Mint when it wasn't right there and easily accessible.  Mint makes sense on a tablet, especially with a widget.

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