Open Letter To My Son And My Ex (Yes, Again, Sorry Everyone)

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Sorry folks.  I try to not post this stuff on here too much.  This is a time-sensitive thing, and I can’t pass up the chance to see my son.

Earlier this week my son let me know that he’d be in my town this weekend with my ex.  He offered one time for me to get together with him, which I enthusiastically agreed to.  I also pointed out that I would gladly clear my weekend, keep tabs on he and his friend so my ex and her friend could do stuff, and so on.

Since it’s been over a year since she’s let me see him and all.  I’m kinda excited to see him.

Unfortunately, after that brief time talking to him, I have been unable to get in touch with him in any way.  She took his cell phone away a while back (and disconnected the number), and I have no idea if he has any kind of access to anything.

Which means that I have no idea where to pick him up at the arranged time, let alone if any other time is okay. 


My weekend is clear.  I’m looking forward to seeing him.  The only obstacle is him being able to confirm with me what time(s) I am to see him, and making firm arrangements.

So I’m posting this here, as a public record of my willingness and desire to co-operate, and that I don’t know of any way to communicate with my ex, my son, or whomever she’s visiting. 

So there’s a widget below to my Google Voice number. And, of course, my ex knows where I live.

I’m hoping that she will let my son visit with me.

And thanks, everyone else, for your forbearance of this post.

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  1. August 5, 2014

    You didn't update – I saw this post, and was hoping you got your visit.


    • August 5, 2014

      Yes, I did get to see him for a few hours on Saturday. The rest of the time he was here, he wasn't allowed to visit me.

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