The Incompetence of Jeff, a Heath Consultant Contractor for Vectren Energy

TL;DR:  “Jeff”, a local employee of Heath Consultants doing gas meter inspections for Vectren Energy, apparently decided he didn’t have to do his job today.  He did not ring my doorbell, knock on my door, or even place the door hanger upon my door.

Why is this an issue?  Because supposedly if this inspection doesn’t happen, my gas gets turned off.  (And yes, the threat of disconnection along with the lie of “a Vectren representative attempted to gain access” is why I’m blogging this in addition to contacting the companies in question.  I doubt that I’m the only one who has suffered from “Jeff’s” work ethic.)

There has been no knock on my door.  My doorbell has not rung.  I have two dogs who bark and run to the door whenever there is a knock or the doorbell is rung. 

But apparently “Jeff” did step onto my property and left a door hanger. 

But not on the door.

Where did I find the door hanger that “Jeff” left?  At the base of the stairs leading to my porch.  About 10 feet from my door.

“But Steve,” you might ask (and you will, because you’re my voice in my head), “why wouldn’t it still be on the door?”

Good question, person in my head!  Turns out that Jeff didn’t even hang it up properly.

Yup, he just kinda tossed it there and hoped for the best.  Perforation unperforated.

This annoys me on so many levels.  The difficulty of getting a hold of anyone at the gas company or the contractor.  The annoyance of having to cancel an appearance to be here for this appointment.  The stupidity of him not ringing my doorbell.

And it’s especially galling considering that one of my first nonfiction publication credits was about service as interactive advertising.

I know a few people that have had similar issues with Vectren – or maybe a subcontractor, it’s hard to tell by the way they present the literature.  Some of them are to the point of avoiding dealing with any gas company at all.

And with service like this, I don’t blame them.

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