Sometimes people don’t like you. And that’s okay.

One of the things that happens when you Take Positions is that you end up pissing off some folks.  I’ve had a few people ask me what I think about [insert person here] not liking me, or not wanting to work with me.

Here’s the thing, my droogs:  I don’t care. 

I know, right?  Surprises the hell out of me, too.

I mean, it doesn’t matter to me.

There’s two reasons for this.

First:  If they’re irritated by my positions over the last few years, then that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  Nice thing about taking stances based on your principles, that.

Second, and more important to you:  I really mean what I said in this post.

You can spend a lot of time and energy trying to get noticed, accepted, and respected by these [old boys’] clubs.  To be brought into the inner circle.


Be awesome instead.  Be smart instead.  Be creative instead.  Find other people at your level – either at conventions or online – and bond with them. 

Now more than ever, it’s possible to make your own successful network of trust with people you’ve worked with.

Recently at Mo*Con, I spent a lot of time among many of the people I’ve come to respect and trust.  (The rest of you were missed;  seriously.)  Given some of the things I’ve had to deal with elsewhere in my life lately, it was so awesome to be among people who I could respect and trust… and who would return the favor.

And we really don’t need to worry about the approval of anyone else as long as we have our friends and our true peers.

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