In Which I Get Called Names Along With People I Respect

To wit:

I’m honored by the comparison to Jaym Gates and Jim Hines – both people I know and respect.  I’ve yet to meet Luhrs and Fox, but we’ll get around to it someday.

If you’re interested in what I said on Twitter to deserve this, feel free to see.  I haven’t deleted my tweets (unlike others).  But really, it’s not that important – remember, sometimes people don’t like you. And that’s okay.

I’m posting this because after he name-checked me above, I’ve had three separate people ask me about this:

[UPDATE: Bryan decided to remove the page I linked to.  There is (at least at present) still a Google Cache version;  a screengrab of the page is here:]

Bryan Thomas Schmidt was originally going to be the co-anthologist of Streets of Shadows.  I did not publicly mention – positively or negatively – Bryan Schmidt’s role, departure, or reasons for departure from the project.

I’m very, very happy that Jerry Gordon is co-anthologist now.

As to why BTS left… well, I will simply stand by what I said on the 26th of May. 

The policies that I insisted upon and that he characterizes as "unprofessionalism and lack of integrity" are here:

I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote that came out of it all:

Words to live.. and write… by.

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM:  Please do not boycott buying books that BTS has edited (or that were in the pipeline up through this point).  That will simply hurt the authors or co-anthologists… and it’s not fair at all to make them pay for someone else’s stupidity.