Learning The Value of Twitter Chat & Storify With Victoria Strauss About Copyright & Contracts For Indie Writers

I have to admit my prior skepticism of twitter “chats”.  Sure, you could arrange by hashtag, but it seemed… cumbersome.

And I won’t lie – even after following one or two, they are slightly awkward.  They require a good multi-column hashtag-searching twitter client.  They remind me of a noisy IRC chat room… and with nobody there having mod powers.


The last #indiechat (Tuesdays, 9pm EST) featured Victoria Strauss (one of the founding members of Writer Beware).  I stumbled across it by accident, but quickly saw exactly how useful it was.

And thanks to Storify, I can even show you.  Storify is a tool that lets you collect snippets – tweets, statuses, instagrams, more – and make them into collections so that it makes… well, a story.   I did that for Victoria’s #indiechat, and I hope you find it as valuable as I did.  (If the embed isn’t working for you, swing by https://storify.com/uriel1998/victoria-strauss-on-indiechat-20140401 to see the whole thing.


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