A Quick Analysis of The Latest Controversy1 min read

Cave troll as corporate bullySo I’ve got this theory as to why we’re still dealing with the same people causing “controversies” in the speculative fiction community:

Here’s some reasons why trolls exist

  • Attention and recognition, even if negative
  • Power (the power to disrupt)
  • Vandalism
  • The thrill of breaking social conventions
  • Sabotaging groups the troll dislikes
  • Immaturity

Here’s some ways to recognize trolls

  • Trolls generally use provocative and confrontational language. A clever one will mix it up with relevant and friendly posts.
  • Trolls hardly ever stick to the topic; they beat around the bush with the intention to confuse the reader.
  • Trolls of the subtle variety flag off their attack with innocent questions. You will often find them dressed up as new members of forums and chat rooms.
  • Trolls lack understanding of a topic. They will not respond with a proper answer to a proper question.

As background, please keep in mind that the flaming-crotch-sworded one (#notcompensating) was kicked out of a professional writer’s organization for deliberately acting to defame the organization

Then take a look at the self-congratulatory backpatting of some folks about the second controversy around the Hugos this year while keeping the above lists in mind.

PS:  If you want your concerns about award voting taken seriously, perhaps you shouldn’t act like a troll while advancing those concerns.  Because no matter how good your concerns are, all people are going to hear is the roaring of a troll.

PPS:  Can someone explain to me why “social justice warrior” is supposed to be a negative?  When someone says that label, I think of this:


And I really, really don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

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