Putting my money where my mouth is: Endorsing a call to expel Theodore Beale from SFWA

If you need background on this, I steer you to Jim Hines and Tobias Buckell.
I am a member of the Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.  I tell my peers it is a professional organization for writers of genre fiction.
And then a racist misogynistic man by the name of Theodore Beale goes and deliberately tries to smear its reputation by threatening another member and taking non-trivial action to get his bigotry propagated through a SFWA channel in explicit violation of that channel’s rules. 
He has demonstrated a sickening degree of public disrespect – and in such a way that it tarnishes the reputation of SFWA. He did so deliberately, intentionally, and with full knowledge of his actions.  (There’s evidence to this effect;  due to certain policies, I can’t post it here.)

[Edit for clarity 0704 EST 14 Jun 2013:  While I find his bigotry repulsive, it is not his private bigotry that is grounds for expulsion, but the the specifics of his action that demonstrate the deliberate nature of his act as an attempt to damage SFWA’s reputation, some of which I can’t share here, that made it grounds for expulsion.  But make no mistake, I find his views repellent.]

Therefore, I publicly and fully endorse this call for the expulsion of Theodore Beale from SFWA under the OPPM and existing bylaws.  Specifically, under the provision that makes “conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the purposes and interests of SFWA”.
One of the provisions of expulsion is that SFWA must return a prorated portion of the membership dues paid by that individual.
I make this public offer of personally reimbursing SFWA whatever membership dues that must be refunded to Mr. Beale.
I can’t think of a better way to signal exactly how important this is than putting up my own cash.

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