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You think you’re safe. What a joke.

You don’t think about the places you pass every day. The side
streets. The alleys. Under bridges. The shadows.  All you’d have to do
is take a step to the side.  Then you’d know.

From editors of Dark Faith, Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, comes Streets of Shadows,
a collection of stories at the intersection of urban fantasy and crime.
These tales of the dark and magical side of the urban landscape will be
published by Alliteration Ink in late summer 2014.

Currently attached authors include Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Kevin J.
Anderson, Tim Lebbon, Seanan McGuire, Brandon Massey, Tom Piccirilli,
and Lucy A. Snyder.

We’re looking for stories with depth that push the boundaries of
their genres.  Stories that make you think, that comment on the human
condition and the social order. Stories that are rich in their language
use. Stories that entertain and thrill.  Stories between 2000 and 4000
words for which we’ll pay 6 cents per word.

Submissions will be accepted from 3/3/2014 until 4/3/2014. 
Unsolicited stories received outside this time frame will be deleted

Please include a cover letter with your submission and only one story
at a time.  No reprints.  Simultaneous submissions will be accepted as
long as you tell us up front (and immediately withdraw the story if you
sell somewhere else).

All submissions must be emailed as an RTF file to Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon at

Submitters:  Familiarize yourself with Alliteration Ink’s crowdfunding policy before submitting:

Good luck!


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