In Case You Didn’t Read Closely: The Bigots Are Protesting AGAINST #SFWA Now.

So in all this “petition” kerfluffle, (the core issue of which I summarize here) I keep seeing one thing repeated over and over – and not rarely corrected: 

That petition isn’t from SFWA.  It never was. 

Let me repeat that idea:  SFWA’s current stance is what the bigots are upset about.

Note:  If people want to act like bigots, I’ll call ’em bigots.  If you don’t like the label, please stop acting like the label.

That’s why these folks are mad – their exclusive clubhouse now has all this diversity running around.  We fought this fight last year, and diversity won

Imagine this headline:  “Quaker petition sparks outrage about racism.” 

I mean, holy crap, right?  Who knew?  (Serious note:  Yeah, um, no.  Every modern-day Quaker I’ve met has been a truly beautiful person.  That’s why such a headline would be shocking.)

Then you read the article (instead of just the headline) and see that it’s a petition from the KKK to Quakers, maybe with a few ex-Quakers having signed it.

But everyone keeps calling it a “Quaker petition”.

So that’s the situation we’re in now with SFWA.

There’s a bunch of bigots who are whining because SFWA called them on their bigotry a year ago, and they don’t like that. Nearly all of them aren’t in the organization any longer because they didn’t like getting called on it a year ago.

But please recognize the difference between the current organization and the bigots who are criticizing it.