Hear Me Read “Kicking the Habit” and Support Streets of Shadows For As Little As $1

Hey folks!  We’re more than halfway through the Streets of Shadows Kickstarter at https://bit.ly/kickshadows – a new fiction anthology combining noir crime and urban fantasy edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon – the team behind the Dark Faith series of anthologies.

One of the things that Kickstarters like this do is help independent
publishers (like me) pay authors and editors fair wages.  And that means
we have the ability to bring you innovative and cool stories that
aren’t the same old recycled reboots and desperate sequels that you see
everywhere else.

But that requires your support.

I understand that not every project may be something you’re interested in.  Heck, until I started looking into what noir fiction was really about (and man, The Maltese Falcon is a REALLY good movie!) I wasn’t sure that I
would be interested.   I’m really excited about this anthology now, and
really looking forward to reading the stories in it – but at the same
time I can understand where it might not be your cup of tea.

…but you still want to support Alliteration Ink and independent publishing.

So I’ve made it so you can.

There’s a $1 backer level for Streets of Shadows.  And man, that
dollar is going to be a heck of an investment for you.  Because you’ll
get every one of the “all backer rewards”.

Right now, that’s not only desktop backgrounds of the cover art, but an
MP3 of me reading my story “Kicking the Habit”.  This story has never been produced in audio before, and has been a hit with audiences at conventions wherever I’ve gone.

And you’ll get your very own DRM-free copy of it for just a buck.

When we add more “all backer” rewards, you’ll get those too when the project funds.

I think you’ll find a lot of value in the backer rewards at higher levels – an exclusive hardback, critiques from the Dark Faith editors, tuckerizations, and more.

But even if times are tight for you, we are committed to making sure
that you’ll get more than your money’s worth if you can just spend a
single dollar.

Stop by https://bit.ly/kickshadows and back us today!


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