So I Went A Little Nuts This Weekend

There’s no joke there.  Sorry.

The last few weeks have been difficult.  Not because of anything big, mind you.  Everything – even the most dramatic of things that has happened over the last two months – has been relatively minor.  The most first-world of first-world problems.  Even compared to the stuff that has happened to me in my (largely easy) life, each and every little stressor has been a minor papercut.

I mean, once you deal with your own son assaulting you and getting to the point where even love isn’t enough or your ex-wife trying to cut you off from your (other) kid, even BASIC looks easy, right?  The last couple of weeks have been emotional papercuts compared to the emotional stab wounds I’ve endured.

But a thousand papercuts is still a hell of a lot of bleeding.

I’m not telling you (and the world) this because I want sympathy.  I appreciate the thought, but I don’t deserve a cookie for failing.

I’m telling you this because I routinely get people asking me how I do it all.  How I manage to do All The Things.  One cost is that sometimes my sink is a disaster area.

Another cost – and one I often forget to think about – is that I usually have just barely enough spoons. 

Occasionally, Sarah Hans has called me her mentor.  Maybe that was true at one point, but it’s not true now.  She realized a couple of months ago the value of quitting.

Listen to her on this.

And while I’ve cut down some things and delayed others, I’ve not done enough cutting back – and there are things that need to get done.

So for those of you who are waiting on me for projects and feedback, it’s going to be a little while.  I’m also looking for an intern – at least through the end of the year – to try to ensure that I do right by folks I’ve already committed to.

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