Get The Extension to Make Facebook Tolerable TODAY (Before Facebook Forces Him To Neuter It)

Social Fixer is a browser extension (it started life as a Greasemonkey script) which makes Facebook *SO* much more useable.  It is – no joke – the difference between Facebook being something I want to use and something I want to avoid.

In particular, Social Fixer has a filtering ability which lets me use keywords to move posts about things I’m not interested in into another tab.  I use it for filtering out sports-related stuff; I know others who filter out political posts.

A while back, Facebook deleted the Social Fixer Facebook page.  Now Facebook is strongly hinting that if the extension author doesn’t comply with their demands (that would cripple the usefulness of the plugin) that they’ll sue him.

The problem, of course, is that this argument is a client-side modification.  It runs on YOUR end, not theirs, and could apply to *any* Stylish or Greasemonkey script.  And like any Greasemonkey script, it is easy to copy and paste the actual code.  (That took about two seconds of searching to find.)

Still, I have a huge problem with Facebook insisting that they get to control exactly what their site looks like to you. And it’s just one more way where social media is becoming less and less useful for us – both as people and as independent creators.

If nothing else, I’d like to urge those who are interested to grab a copy of the current version (7.801 (2013-08-23)) before the functionality is removed.

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