Now I Understand Why Some Employers Don’t Want To Be Listed On Facebook (warning: some foul language)

I didn’t understand – at one point – why a business wouldn’t want you to list them on Facebook.
Last night I got a dramatic example why.

An employee of a local catering business here in town first decided that he was going to be a jackass to people hosting a benefit… and then decided he was going to threaten me.  (For those paying attention, threatening me on public posts in Facebook means I’m not going to obfuscate your name.)

Keeping it classy.  Please note that he wasn’t done yet – “It must be an AIDS benefit” was his next comment.
I removed the name of the catering company here on purpose.
Yes, calling me “fag dicksuck fuck boy” will definitely make things better for your employer.

There’s four big lessons here.1

1.  I’m not going to patronize a place that hires someone so hateful that they’d bash a benefit for someone going into surgery.
2.  I am sure as hell going to enforce my respect policy now.  Because I don’t want my business associated with this kind of douchebro behavior.
2.  Apparently douchebros still think shouting “gay gay fag gay AIDS” is somehow a threat – and definitely go straight for the bullying.
3.  Can you imagine how effective this bullying is?

Yes, ladies, I know you know how effective this bullying is.  My girlfriend and I had a long talk about this again this weekend where I was cluelessly unaware of the threat… because I was male.  And I’ll admit, I’m a tish anxious about what I’d do if this douchebro actually tried to hunt me down.2

But I can imagine how much more nervous I would be if I wasn’t big, or male.

And that isn’t okay.

1 Yes, I can hear some people saying “Why say anything?”. Good question. I’ve already blocked the guy (and reported him to FB, FWIW). But why bring it up to the employer? Because it really did just show up when I was just mousing down – as seen in one of the screencaps.  (I redacted the name of the company here; it’s not like they defended the guy on Facebook.) And why bring it up to the douchebro at all? Because bigoted asshats think silence is people agreeing with them. 
2 Just a tish. I mean, having lived with a sociopath or two does have its advantages.  Like learning to vigorously and publicly document when someone threatens you.

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