How to Not Overwhelm Everyone On Social Media – Using IFTTT and Multiple Channels on Buffer

I find all sorts of cool stuff on the internet, and I like to share it.  Yes, social media was made for me.  But I tend to do so a lot in a short period of time (because I read from Pocket or a RSS reader), which gets damn tiring for my friends when I flood their feeds with my posts.

So I was thrilled to see Buffer come online.  This service lets you post many updates at once, then queues them up throughout the day to many different social media networks.  And I’ve already talked about IFTTT, which lets you automate things you do on the web.

And there’s the beauty of it.  Remember that I tend to post publishing-related items through the Alliteration Ink account.  So when I’m reading an article in Pocket, I can mark it as a favorite.  IFTTT will notice, and then you can use the Buffer channel…

…oh, wait.  Even though you’ve set up multiple social networks in Buffer, you can choose only one with IFTTT.  This, quite frankly, blows.  So following the advice of Carolyn at Buffer (thanks Carolyn!), I found the secret e-mail address you can use to send items to Buffer.  Then it was simple – I had IFTTT use the gmail channel (yes, that’s important) to create this recipe:

Here’s what it looks like, filled in:

When you send an e-mail link to Buffer, it will do what it’s supposed to and put the post in the queue for all the social networks that you’ve chosen.

By the way, those Buffer links – – are referral links.  If you sign up through those, each of us gets an extra space in our buffer, so that’s a win-win.

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