Vote for Eighth Day Genesis in the 2013 ENnie Awards (and some personal thoughts)

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Voting for the Gen Con EN Awards is going on right now.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Eighth Day Genesis in the category of Best RPG Related Product. Anyone can vote by visiting

I don’t ask for your vote lightly. You can get a free PDF sample of Eighth Day Genesis containing three articles from the book at so you know you’re voting for a quality product.

Thanks in advance for your vote,
Steven, Sabrina, and all the people working on Eighth Day Genesis

Okay.  Enough boilerplate.  Hopefully you’ll go vote.  Because this means a lot to me.

When I finally attended my first GenCon, I registered late.  Really late.  Like about this time of year late.

Those of you who have been at GenCon know where this is heading:  All the "popular" games I wanted to play were already filled up.  So I got into a few games – some good, one awesome, several horrible.  But I had slots left over.

Then I saw the Writer’s Symposium (also known as "Get Literal").  Hm.  I wondered.  I’d only published one work – my second place essay in SEED’s writing contest.  So I signed up for a few workshops thinking that at least it’d help me with being a better gamemaster.

The next year I only attended one or two games.  By choice.  The year after, I had several fiction sales and was on the other side of the table.1

I haven’t looked back.

It’s great to see something I helped create come full circle and give back to both the writing and gaming community.

Now go vote for the book at!

1 I’ve had people ask: I am not a panelist this year at GenCon. However, about a third of the Writer’s Symposium are authors who have been (or are about to be) published by Alliteration Ink: Donald J. Bingle, Dylan Birtolo, Maurice Broaddus, Jennifer Brozek, Richard Lee Byers, Larry Correia, Paul Genesse, Sarah Hans, Kerrie L. Hughes, Daniel Myers, Chris Pierson, Ken Scholes, Erik Scott de Bie, Lucy A. Snyder, Kelly Swails.

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