Get Your Text Messages Across Platforms With DeskSMS

And really, this is the key for me.  I currently have three different desktop operating systems and two different mobile ones – and I want to be able to text from ALL of them… but without having to have a bunch of different totally separate apps (I’m looking at you, Facebook Messenger).

And instant messaging is the way to do that, and DeskSMS does that wonderfully.

Whether your phone is (jailbroken) iOS or Android based, you can get the DeskSMS app… a simple little thing.  And then you can get messages sent straight to your Google Talk account.  And you can access that pretty much anywhere.

I usually use finch in a drop down quake-style terminal window, and that highlights exactly why I love DeskSMS so much.  I like staying in contact with people… but I hate having to totally disrupt what I’m doing in order to pick up the phone.  It’s so much easier to just hit WIN-~ and have the window right there for me to type my reply in, and then pop POP! I’m back to work.

It can also echo everything to Gmail – so if you’re in a situation where you can’t check your phone but have e-mail access… guess what? Yup.  You get it there as well.  Use the Firefox extension.  Or you can just check the website/server at  Yearly subscriptions to the server are $5, and very, very worth it.

I am a user, and I do recommend it.  Oh, there’s some way I could send you a referral, but seriously, this app is good enough and useful enough that it’s well worth the cash.

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