Dear OmniBuzzMedia: You Are A Bunch Of Clueless and Scammy Morons

Stay away from OmniBuzzMedia. They employ scammy SEO practices and waste client’s money pitching to irrelevant sites.

This isn’t specifically directed at Adela Johnson, but more to the entirety of OmniBuzzMedia.

You recently sent me an e-mail that stated:

Omnibuzz Media are a new and exciting digital media and commercial outlet, who through in-depth market research, pair up appropriate promotional campaigns between brands and websites.

 Yeah.  Sure you did.  Because if you did, you’d notice that I already busted an advertiser for trying to get me to insert their paid content in with my own stuff.  Or that I ranted about scammers earlier this week.  Or that I don’t have Google ads because I can’t control the scams the way I can with Project Wonderful.

But no.  In an example of clueless SEO tricks you offered to pay me to host articles on casinos and poker.  Or worse, you suggested the same scammy SEO practice of inserting text links that I ranted against (and rejected) back in 2012.

And apparently you didn’t realize that I hate scammers.  With a burning passion.  And apparently your scammy company is so scammy that you can’t even be proud of (or name) your customers.

And you’re clueless enough that you’ll send me an e-mail saying I should promote your casino client (and their online poker game) on this website.

So folks, stay away from OmniBuzzMedia.  Not only do they employ shitty, scammy practices, paying for content and links, but they also want to waste your money by pitching to sites that have nothing to do with your product.

Which brings us to why there’s a great big heading up there, and all these links that have the word “scam” pointing at OmniBuzzMedia.  Because that’s how real links and reputations work.  People link to you about what they really feel about you and your product.

Hey folks – even if you rarely retweet, G+, link, or otherwise spread my posts, can you spread this one?  I’m really curious to see if someone as me can actually bury the search results for some scammers.  Thanks!

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  1. May 21, 2015

    I received a mail from this company yesterday offering me their services. I am glad I have seen this post so that I can proceed with caution.

  2. September 12, 2015

    Good to know, I also received an email from them offering a working relationship.

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