And there go the coffee cups… (advertising, donations, and responsibility)

I had the coffee cups for donations up there in the sidebar for a couple of years.  During the time they were on the site, I maybe got fifteen or twenty donations.  Don’t get me wrong.  Those donations – and donators – were awesome.  Some of the donators have become friends or business associates as well, and that’s awesome.

But that’s trickled down to nothing, so I’m going to experiment with ads for a while.

I turned on the Google ads… and instantly had advertisements showing from the scammers trying to take advantage of authors.  

Um, no.

So instead, I’ve applied at Project Wonderful.  I’ve advertised through them before, and I was impressed at how their system works.  It’s definitely designed to let people like me have advertisements… but be picky about the quality of them.  The fact I have to apply in order to show ads on the site is a clue how much they care about doing this stuff ethically.

And if you’re advertising, their payment system is intuitive and simple.

With any degree of luck, the coffee cups will be replaced soon with some ad blocks from quality folks, with things you’re (hopefully) interested in seeing.

And without scammers.