Fix Google Video/Chat/Hangout in Ubuntu Based Systems With Integrated Webcams

This is going to be for a very select group of people, but they’ll be thankful as hell.  I’ve been searching for this answer for the last two weeks.

My tech specifications:  Ubuntu 10.04, stripped down with an Openbox WM.  Dell, with integrated webcam and audio.

Google Voice/Chat/Video/Hangouts all stopped working for me.  Other video – Skype, for example – worked just fine.  No idea what happened, or even particularly when it happened, since I don’t use the service all the time.  Happened no matter what browser I was using, no matter where, what firewalls (or lack thereof) were up….
The plugin would install (because I stripped it out and put it back in half-a-dozen times) and there’d be a black square with no video or sound when I went to verify my settings.

Turns out it wasn’t me.  (Note:  If it’s working, don’t “fix” it!)

It’s a known problem with version 3.10 (which is “current” as of this writing) of the plugin.    After finally stumbling across this thread I found the download links for version 3.7. 

Ubuntu 64-bit

Ubuntu 32-bit

EDIT 7 Feb 2013:  The above download links no longer work.   There is a copy of each deb (both 32 and 64 bit)  at

I uninstalled 3.10, then downloaded the .deb package, installed it, and BOOM.  Good to go again.


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  1. June 18, 2014

    I had this problem on Ubuntu 14.04 and couldn't find the 3.7 Google-Talk plugin anywhere (all links were dead) except here (your cached copy).

    Now my webcam is recognized (only on Firefox though) and I'm "thankful as hell"!! 🙂

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