More Than a Little Annoyed With @Twitter

A while back, I made a separate Twitter account for me as a publisher (@alliterationink).  It makes sense, since some people are interested in me as a publisher, but don’t want to hear me rant about other things.  So I share publishing-related (not just my own stuff, mind, but what others are doing and the like) over there, and keep my main twitter account (@uriel1998) more…mixed-use.

So I was a little surprised when I discovered that @alliterationink had been suspended.  Not by an e-mail from Twitter, but because Buffer had actually sent me an e-mail saying there was a problem with authorization.  When I attempted to reauthorize the account, it failed… because @alliterationink was suspended.

I can’t tell you why it was suspended.  Twitter hasn’t told me yet.  When I submitted a support ticket (using the steps I saw here), I got an automated reply saying that maybe I had followed people too aggressively (nope) or I might have violated one of the Twitter Rules.

That’s a long-ass list of rules.

What’s worse, is that I can’t access my timeline.  I can’t access my followers.  I can’t verify whether or not I might have broken any one of that long laundry list of rules… and I’m pretty sure I didn’t.  But I can’t know, because I can’t check and make sure that something didn’t go wacky.  It’s very possible that something did – I had an automated app just post
a blog entry from mid-September on Facebook as a hiccup.  But all I can do is e-mail Twitter back and say "I don’t know what I did wrong."

Presuming it’s an automated process, it wouldn’t be hard to narrow that list down so that people like me can more effectively rebut the claim or change our behavior.  That would get maximal results with minimal person-hours of effort.  Worse, it was actively reviewed first, and the real person who suspended me couldn’t be bothered to click a radio button to say why.

Meanwhile, this guy I featured as a bad promoter earlier today seems to have no problems whatsoever.

Between crap like this and Facebook being broken on purpose, I’m starting to wonder if we are already past "peak social media".

There is always e-mail, though.  If you wish to join Alliteration Ink’s mailing list – including news of releases, open calls, and more, send an e-mail to news-join [at] You will get a confirmation request that you must answer to join the list.

One thought on “More Than a Little Annoyed With @Twitter

  1. I had a similar experience with StumbleUpon. My account was suspended because I'd supposedly breached their terms of service. Now, I had shared a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't mine, and some that was, and if you looked at their TOS and squinted you could maybe see that perhaps they meant to say "Don't share your own stuff" (except everybody else seemed to, often a lot more aggressively than me). I appealed the decision and have never heard back – and that was several years ago. Because of the suspension I can't log back in to do anything at all, even change my settings.

    Needless to say, I gave up on StumbleUpon (which had never been that useful, actually).

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