A helpful hint to politicians and groups that use call centers

rant.pngWhen someone says “Please take me off your call list,” that means they don’t want to get any phone calls from you.

Including the current one.

I understand that you’re doing a job, or that you really believe in what you’re doing.  I get that.  Most of the soliciting calls I get are for political causes and committees that I support.  That’s why I am not wasting your time by keeping you on the phone with me.  I understand the role of fundraising, and I do support them financially… just not in response to phone calls.

So I try to be respectful.  “Please remove me from your call list and add me to any do-not-call list that you maintain.”  And no matter of cajoling, badgering, or NLP (gag) is going to turn me into a conversion.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t know who is actually calling me.  I’m never going to give out my credit card information over the phone unless I start the phone call.  (Caller ID can be spoofed, y’know.)  It has nothing to do with how important it is, or how much I support you.

But when I am not treated with the same respect for my time that I show for yours, I am less likely to ever donate or support you in the future.

Actually, let me take that back.  You could turn me into a conversion.

If you treat me with respect, the worst that happens is that I dismiss your group.  If you waste my time by continuing to try to get money out of me, you will convert me – into someone who will go out of my way to not support your group.  Ever.  In any way.

Yes, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, I’m calling you out here.

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