Spend some of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday cash on a charity… and get a kick-ass eBook too!

As people everywhere get ready to “get in the spirit of the season”1 by going and trying to pay hardworking folks less for extra material items they don’t need and won’t use, take a second to do something different than the herd.

Yes, different. Because you’re not like everyone else out there. Sure, you shop, and you buy gifts for people – but you know that you’ve got it pretty well off. And you want to help other people who need it. Really help them.

But at the same time, you don’t want to just sign a check and then get metric craptons of junk mail. Or the phone calls. Or e-mails. I hate that stuff too.

And you’d like to see some sign of appreciation for your donation. Of course you would. That’s only human. But you don’t want that sign of appreciation to be paid for by your donation.

And that’s where Spec The Halls comes in.

All proceeds of the charity eBook go to Heifer International2. (That means anything that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or PayPal don’t force me to pay them.) All the work with the eBook – the stories, the eBook conversion, the distribution – even the cover – are all donated.

This is the perfect solution. Sixteen speculative fiction stories centered around the winter holidays, including award winning authors Laura Resnick and Donald J. Bingle, as well as NYT bestsellers Alethea Kontis and Kristine Kathryn Rusch and many more. And the money goes to charity.

And if you want to donate to Heifer International directly – go right ahead. Then send me the receipt3 and I will give you a copy of the eBook. Just like that.

Stop by the Spec The Halls website and buy it there to get it in Kindle, ePub (nook, Kobo, Sony, iOS), and PDF formats. Or pick it up in Kindle (only) format at Amazon and ePub (only) at Barnes & Noble.

And gosh darnit, here’s an audio promo featuring me and Chris the Nuclear Kid. Direct link here – it’s on a CC-license so you can use it (without alteration) in your own podcast, broadcast, or other audio media.
Creative Commons License
Spec The Halls Promotion by Steven Saus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

1No, really, I’ve heard people express this very opinion.
2Yup, the same one that Pat Rothfuss supports with WorldBuilders.
2See the Spec The Halls website for information.

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