Goblins – A 100 Word Story

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Yeah, sure, you can go vote for this story at the Weekly Challenge website, but there’s something else I’m going to ask you to do.

Go buy Red Hood’s Revenge (Powell’s | Amazon | B&N) by Jim C. Hines. I really enjoyed his goblin books, and while the “Princess series” (think Charlie’s Angels meets the Princesses plus a whole lot of plot) is a bit more serious, it’s still been amazing work. (Yes, I just ordered mine.) Don’t just listen to me – you can read the first chapters of his books on his website.

Coincidentally, this week’s story topic was “Goblins”, and so I felt an homage was in order. Just don’t tell Jim. A direct link to the audio is here if the player below doesn’t work.

“Whoever heard of a blue goblin?”

The three women stared at the lumpy figure. The darker-skinned one kicked him. Not too hard, but he grunted anyway. A small arachnid dancing on top of the goblin’s head started to smoke.

The palest woman flipped a small mirror between her fingers, flashing glints of her dark hair. “It could be dangerous if there are more.”

The blond woman smiled down at the goblin. “I think he’s kind of cute.” The other two stared at her. “Cute in a creepy way.”

As they walked down the tunnel, she glanced back. “But cute.”

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