We need fewer selfish libertarians

I was just at the post office (yes, the government-run but NOT taxpayer funded one). I ended up parking next to a guy who had the following bumper stickers on his truck: “Drill Baby Drill”, “Mob 2008”, “Tea Party – Keep our Taxes”, and “Socialism is not change we can believe in”.

The individual ended up in front of me in line, where he complained about the market-driven one cent price increase in postage for postcards. When asked if he’d like his receipt, he growled “Give it to Obama” to the clerk. As I left, I got to see him back all the way out of the parking lot, back across two lanes of traffic, and make a three-point turn in the middle of a arterial road.

So this “libertarian”:

  1. Used a government service voluntarily instead of using a competitor
  2. Complained about free market forces that inconvenienced him
  3. Used taxpayer funded services (the road) while complaining about non-taxpayer funded services (the post office)
  4. Put others in danger with his own reckless behavior (see this post)

I understand that there are well-meaning, philosophical libertarians. Ones who are knowledgeable and fully cognizant of their political stance. Where they will accept the negatives that come with their philosophy, instead of using it as a justification for being selfish.

Could the real libertarians please disown selfish asshats like the guy I saw today?


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