It ain’t over…

August Pollack (often a very funny guy), has a kind of clue-free cartoon up today:

In many ways, this election was like a political rally – like the one I went to this weekend. We get to see that hey, we’re not alone after all. That there are other people out there who will stand up and do the right thing – even if it’s not socially acceptable. (That, by the way, is why a protest for gay equality is qualitatively different than a protest against abortion. How many people cheer when an abortion is performed again? Right. Being anti-abortion and being Christian are not exactly radical ideas in this country. Saying that you support equal rights for gay people, sadly, is.)

(Arguably, living a truly Christian lifestyle is radical, but that’s another day.)

Anyway, this election was a starting point. It was more than a rally – because real change occurred, and will continue to occur because of it – but it didn’t change everything. It was just the beginning of change. There was a lot of hate going into the elections, and obody serious about race relations really expected things to change completely overnight – and the AP reports demonstrate that there is quite a bit of craptastic stuff still going on. (h/t to Richard Florida on that)

I don’t think focusing on Gov Palin’s (current) popularity, Ted Stevens (who may have lost after all), and Leiberman are necessarily the best indicators of the level of change out there. And, sorry, but John Scalzi already did the Leiberman joke… and he was a hell of a lot funnier about it.

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