Pirates and Starlight

During the third day of the seminar (which ended up being more than vaguely useful – and a pretty good indicator of my organization’s commitment to changing its culture) something interesting happened.

We had to choose a name.

Although we did it by consensus, two camps quickly emerged. We had spent several days together, shared things we wouldn’t normally share, and agreed on shared goals. But choosing a name revealed something strangely different between us.

One group went for names like “Spirit Stars” and “Caring Kindlers”; the other group went for “Spirit Pirates – Yar!”

(In case you’re wondering, I was very distinctly in the latter camp; I came up with that name. The rationale? We were hijacking the current spirit of the organization and leading it into bluer uncharted waters of humor and caring… No, really. Stop laughing.)

We ended up being called “Caring Kindlers”, with a 2:1 split. sigh.

Anyway, it seems like these two names really label different styles. That’s important – especially with efforts to transform a culture (any culture). Dungeon Masters may well be used to this difficulty in arbitrating between their lawful good and chaotic good PC’s… but there aren’t that many uncloseted DMs around as consultants.

As we form coalitions, as we work for change in the coming months, we must all keep these things in mind. Some of us are a little more… chaotic… than others. Some of us are a little more… lawful … than others.

But maybe all of us can work together, to make things better.

Yaaar! The starlight, she be beautiful tonight, matey!

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  1. July 25, 2008

    hope you kept the raping to a minimum ;P

  2. July 25, 2008

    Oh, we weren’t the raping kind of pirate. More the Debonair and Seducing kind of pirate. 🙂

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