Are You FULLY Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

If you have been paying any attention, you will have noticed that current theories of Zombification have moved from the supernatural to the viral. In fact (though it’s about vampires, not zombies), Peeps is a wonderful example for the genre.

Suddenly, a shotgun is not enough.

I must admit, I have taken the Zombie Apocalypse a little seriously around here. [Insert joke about Ohio/West Virginia/Kentucky/Indiana here.] With this development, I have to present to you: The Anti Zombie Hood!

This stylish hood, here modeled by a conveniently slow “volunteer” the finest in male models, features HEPA filtration without limiting vision.
Why, in this example I am able to see both of my co-workers these zombies mocking me. But with my clear vision, I would be able to strike back while maintaining my virus-free state!

What’s that, you say? Co-worker a zombie behind me? Note the lightweight construction of this filter! It would barely hamper my waddling lithe and suave movement!

You could be a victim of the Zombie Apocalypse if you don’t send me money right now!

And, maybe get yourself one of these hoods in addition. And a shotgun. And shovel. And a towel. Definitely a towel.