Donating Life – in Ohio

Random rants first, though.

If you expect people to comply with a deadline… then give them a deadline. But pulling this number:

The Recommendation Instructions Form states that “…the requested deadline date is March 1, 2008. However, letters of recommendation will be accepted by the Office of Financial Aid after March 1.” While there was no exact deadline date imposed — they had one month — we cannot hold it open endlessly as the committees require that we forward all documents the first week of April so they can begin their review during April and May, and hopefully, are able to make their decisions by June 1 (as indicated on the application form).

is a load of crap. That’s a deadline – but one that’s not made clear or explicit. That’s setting people up for failure, and lame to boot. And now, for your feature topic for today….

Donate Life Ohio

Organ and tissue transplants offer people a new chance at healthy, productive lives with their families and friends. You have the power to change someone’s world simply by registering to be a donor.