21 August 2014

Coming to CONTEXT? Then enter the Beatnik Cafe! (Extended deadline)

TL;DR:  Hey everyone, we have extended the deadline for Beatnik Cafe submissions to September 10. Please send them in asap if you're interested in reading at the event!

The Western Ohio Writers Association Beanik Cafe is a live reading that pays homage to the hole-in-the-wall poetry clubs of the 1960s, but with a more modern style. Reading aloud from original work, each writer will take the stage for 10 minutes, dazzling audiences with short stories, poetry or who knows what. Reading authors are encouraged to perform their work for the audience taking into account style and entertainment quality when presenting.

Perspective Beatnik performing authors should submit their ORIGINAL story or poetry to be chosen by our committee to read in the performance. Each submission should be accompanied by a 150-word bio with complete contact information - name, phone and email. Please submit only ONE story / poem per person. Maximum length: 1200 words. We will choose the best of 10 original pieces, any genre, no theme. Submissions should be sent in by 11PM on August 1st, 2014. Submit stories to wowainprint@gmail.com and put Context Beatnik Submission in the subject line. By submitting their work for consideration for Beatnik, each author/performer has agreed he or she will in attendance at Context and present on Saturday evening to perform at the event.

How it works: Emceed by WOWA Executive Director, Gery L. Deer, the performance will be ordered based on the style and type of stories. The bio submitted with each story will serve as the basis for an introduction given by the MC. Each author will have 10 minutes to perform his or her story for the crowd.

19 August 2014

Help Me Choose A New Motto For Alliteration Ink And Win Free Books!

TL;DR: I need a new slugline that describes what I publish. I'm running a small contest to help me choose a new one; winner gets over $60 in eBooks.

So here's the thing:

I seem to be a "real publisher" now.

It kind of happened without me noticing it - and just like others have reflected about being a "real writer" - I became a "real publisher" when I stopped worrying about what people called me and just started doing the work.

But there is a change. And when I looked over the Alliteration Ink website, I realized... it doesn't match what Alliteration Ink is now.

"Get excited and make stuff?" That whole "publishing because I can" thing? Made perfect sense four years ago for me as a business1. I was publishing to show that it could be done. Now? That's not news. And since Alliteration Ink got out of the publishing services game, it really doesn't make sense today.

But that leaves me without a catchy summary of what Alliteration Ink is.

Other small publishers tend to have a focus on a particular genre, or type of book (or go whole hog the other direction). And I don't want to do that, either.

What do I choose to publish? Good stories and poems. Things that push genre, or are hard to pin to any one particular genre. Anthologies full of stories that poke at the way you think, poems that are literary but not self-conciously so, or novels that I find compelling.  As Anton Cancre pointed out in his review of What Fates Impose:

The big thing about What Fates Impose that will be either a huge draw or a repellent, depending on your tastes, is how hard it is to ascribe a genre to most of the stories presented. Sarah Hans’ “Charms” provides a great example of this. It carries a largely noirish feel in a somewhat detective tale occurring amidst urban fantasy magic but it’s kind of a romance as well, while dealing with issues of identity and the physical expression thereof. I really liked that aspect of it, but I know it isn’t for everyone.
Don't get me wrong - this is a feature, not a bug.

In 2014 I have or have solid plans to publish three anthologies, two single-author collections, a novella, two novels, and launch a periodical. With potentially two to four more titles.

And even though these works span several genres, the odds are pretty good that if you like one of them, you'll like the others as well... but I can't think of a way to sum that up. "Publishing stories that don't suck" is true, but... well, I'd rather phrase it in a positive way, and a bit more politely.

So here's where you come in. 

Suggest a slugline for me.  In the comments here.  On Facebook.  On Twitter (either @uriel1998 or @AlliterationInk ).  Or send me an e-mail.

The best one will get the entirety of my catalog in digital formats (ePub, Kindle, PDF), and five other random ones will get a digital copy of any one book in my catalog.  That's over sixty bucks worth of books for the winner!

So enter now!

1 The former still makes sense for me as an individual though.

16 August 2014

Possible Slight Delay to GenCon Meetup

Due to some factors we can't control (traffic, will call lines), Sarah Hans and I may be late to the noon meetup at GenCon outside the Writer's Symposium.  We'll be there as soon as humanly possible.

If we're late and others who don't know are wondering where we are, please let them know.   I'm tweetable at @uriel1998 or @alliterationink as well, and will update there.

Thanks for understanding!