If You Have An Outdoor Fly Problem (Or Dogs), You Need This

Quick note: This is not a sponsored post. While the link to the product is an affiliate link, nobody’s asked me to write this, it’s not a ghostwriter. It’s me.

I’ve had dogs for a good portion of my adult life. Right now, I’m kind of living vicariously through other people’s doggos, but I remember their fuzzy faces all too well.

I also remember cleaning up after them, and no matter how quick or thorough I was, the houseflies their waste always attracted.

First, I discovered how to make a homemade fly trap, which worked, but was a bit of a pain.

Which is why I love the RESCUE! Big Bag Fly Trap.

It’s SUPER easy to use: Cut the traced hole at the top, add water to the line, and hang it up outside –- a bit away from your entrances and where you’re going to be. And then just… leave it alone. It can work up to a month or two, and then you just toss the whole thing in the trash without having to touch anything nasty.

I previously wrote about it back in 2019, but I only thought to post a picture of the actual product back then.

This time, I got video. These are taken only a day or two after I hung it up. You can hear the little suckers banging around in there.

The RESCUE! Big Bag Fly Trap is the best $11 bucks I’ve spent in getting rid of houseflies around my house.

A warning: It’s kinda gross.

If you cannot see the embed, the video is at https://imgur.com/gallery/rescue-outdoor-fly-trap-n4iHLC1

The RESCUE! Outdoor Fly Trap

Featured Image by Aamir Mohd Khan from Pixabay

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