Write About Your Cryptid (Or Monstrous) Crush With Us In Our Flash #Fiction Challenge #AmWriting

Several of us have been participating in our own, self-hosted, flash fiction challenge over at a website we’re calling Obsidian Flash. It’s on a forum behind a password, so that anything you write and submit is considered unpublished. Registration is quick, free, and pretty painless.

Seriously, this thing is the perfect thing for you to do if you think writing is hard (or finding time for writing is hard), and especially if you haven’t been writing for a while. It’s also great if you have problems with getting past ideas that “you suck” (every first draft sucks, face it) or self-doubt.

We’re writing over the weekend, and then give feedback on everyone else’s during the week (and also "vote" to see who chooses the next prompt!)

So what’s the prompt, you ask? Well, here we go: I ran across an (uncompleted, possibly abandoned) indie game called "My Cryptid Crush."

(Paging Aabria Iyengar — yes, I watched that episode of Dirty Laundry.)

Since my first professionally published work of fiction was a romantic zombie short story, I thought a cool prompt would be "My Cryptid (or Monstrous) Crush."

Artwork is from the game.

Go sign up now at https://obsidianflash.com/forum and we’ll see you writing this weekend!

Image by Prawny from Pixabay