Using Docker To Get Whole House Audio And Streaming SUPER EASILY.

I’ve written a couple of guides on how to get whole-house audio and streaming by using mpd, snapcast, and other FOSS projects. I’ve previously described it as a weekend project, but by using Docker, it’s a trivial setup.

Included are:

  • mpd for music playing and remote streaming
  • snapcast (and snapweb) for whole-house streaming
  • mpdscribble for scrobbling to /
  • minidlna for upnp serving
  • RompR web interface (for controlling the whole thing)
  • Nginx proxy fragment
  • music directory and configurations accessible from host (at least at spinup)

You can get a working installation (once you have docker and docker-compose installed) by cloning the repository, creating a symbolic link to your music directory, and typing docker-compose up --build -d.

Many, many thanks to Toward Data Science whose post pointed me to how to get several things running together.

You can find the repository at GitHub, GitLab, or my personal repository.

Featured Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

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