Two BASH Scripts To Work With Your Kodi/XMBC Fanart Collection

I wrote two bash scripts that work with the fanart of your media collection, primarily if you use Kodi/XMBC.

The first, copy_all_fanart, copies all of your fanart – not posters or thumbnails, just fanart – from one directory (and all its subdirectories) into a single directory, renaming them by a pattern you can specify.

The use case here is to have a directory of not (exactly) duplicated fan arts for use as backgrounds, screen wallpaper, a source for screensavers, and so on. For example, I synchronize the results with a cloud service so that a chromecast
can use it for its screensaver.

It also checks for exact duplicates by comparing the sha1sum of each file. In addition, it stores that hashsum, so you can re-run the utility and it will only pick up new fanart. And if you want to do something like have have one output directory that was just TV show fanart and another that was TV show fanart and movie fanart, you can specify different hash storage files as well.

The second, make_video_fanart, will create – not retrieve! – fanart, posters, and thumbnails for media files that do not have them. I wrote it for when I have a personal video in my library that is not any kind of "official" release that has fan art and I just want something in there. For the purposes of retrieving and organizing actual fanart, I highly recommend (and use) TinyMediaManager.

If there are existing fanarts or posters, the script will use them as its base for what it creates, otherwise it uses ffmpeg to extract a frame from the media file itself. Requires ffmpeg and imagemagick.

The scripts – as well as usage instructions – are in my xmbc_kodi_art_helper repository on GitHub, GitLab, or my personal repository.

Featured Image by Hulki Okan Tabak from Pixabay

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