Listen to Digitally Imported (and lots more) in the terminal, fancy-like

Due to a potential upcoming change in my life, it suddenly made sense to subscribe to Digitally Imported again.

If you’re not aware, Digitally Imported has every type of electronica you might enjoy ready on tap. And its sister services – Rockradio, ZenRadio, ClassicalRadio, RadioTunes, and JazzRadio – will have you covered for pretty much anything else. Aside from sets from Twitch DJs like BioChili, it’s a great value for streaming.

A while back I updated my scripts so I could listen to DI in the terminal.

Now that I’ve returned to the paying fold, I’ve tweaked them a bit again to make them even more user-friendly. If fzf is present, it will be used instead of pick, there’s a handy little way to automatically close the stream, and if you have cava somewhere on your path, it’ll automatically show that while the stream is playing.

It’s a niche little utility, I know, but it’s one that definitely makes the DI family of streaming services a lot more useful. You can find the scripts on GitHub, GitLab, or my personal git repo.

Featured Image by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay

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