I Just Sold Fiction From Our Flash Challenge; Could Your Story Be Next?

I’m happy to announce that my flash fiction "Free as in Beer" has been published (and is free to read) at Every Day Fiction:


Which leads me to talk about the flash challenge. This sold, published story started out with a flash challenge – and it’s not the only one that has. (Donna has had several, for example.) And I remember it definitely improving with the critique of the other writers there.

It’s been a while since I talked about the flash challenge, so a quick refresher:

There’s a number of writers who have all gotten together and challenged themselves to write something over the weekend based on some visual prompts. Then we critique each other’s work and (if you want) "vote" for the person who chooses the next prompt.

This week’s prompts are from the DeviantArt artist Neregeb (the small images are links to the actual artwork on DeviantArt):

The cool part is that you can join in. Yes, you. Right now. For free.

You do have to create an account on the forum. WE KNOW, but that lets the stuff you write there still be considered "unpublished" so you can, well, sell it. Registration is quick, free, and pretty painless. You should also be able to use the standard social media logins.

Seriously, this thing is the perfect thing for you to do if you think writing is hard (or you think finding time for writing is hard).

Especially if you haven’t been writing for a while.

Go sign up now at https://obsidianflash.com/forum and find the Flash Fiction section, and we’ll see you writing this weekend!

Featured Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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