Embed Weather and Time On An Image (BASH)

I have several applications that show screensavers of images, optionally from a directory. Which is great. But that doesn’t have things like the time or current weather on them.

The ones I’d seen with that functionality had a tendency to crash after a couple of hours.

So building off the weather.sh script, I’ve hacked together a script that will embed the data onto a single image or a series of images. After configuring your screensaver (or whatever) to source images from a specific directory,

It is possible to use weather_images.sh by itself (and instructions for installation and setup are in the README in the subdirectory), but it’s really meant to be used alongside the main weather.sh installation.

While this is a rather niche use-case, like many open source projects, it starts from a need I have. And I’ve tried to make the programming logic pretty understandable for advanced beginner BASH scripters and above.

You can find it in the weather_images subdirectory of the repository on GitHub, GitLab, and my personal repo.

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