A Window Manager For Terminals (?!?!)

This is one of those things that’s going to be VERY specific as to who likes it. The Xterm Window Manager (XtermWM) is a DE/WM for the console. You can have tiled and windowed terminal shells (with image support) and multiple desktops and the like.

From the homepage:

XtermWM is expected to be helpful to the following kinds of people:

Console users who want to have multiple windowed terminals, but not a full X11 desktop environment.

Data center / system administrators who want a more capable physical console at the rack / head node, but will not (or cannot) install X11/Wayland.

People who used the DOS-era “shells” like IBM DOS Shell, DESQview, WordPerfect Office, and Direct Access, and want similar features in their terminals without having to learn Emacs Lisp.


While I’m pretty committed to tmux across the board, this has definitely got me interested in the possibilities for my local servers.

Find it at: https://xtermwm.sourceforge.io/index.html

Featured Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

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