Kind Words With Strangers On The Internet

It’s true.

I know.

You see, I stumbled across Kind Words, and I think I love this little “game”.

It’s not really a game, even though it’s on Steam (Win/Mac/Linux). To quote a review:

In Kind Words you’re writing letters anonymously and reply to such letters from others. It’s a very relaxing and casual experience, quite an intimate one considering some of the issues people are dealing with. This isn’t you talking to randomly generated NPCs either, these are real letters and someone will end up reading and possibly responding to yours.

All while listening to some nice beats and watching a little avatar and seeing paper planes of encouragement fly past that you can “grab” and read.

Because it’s anonymous people on the internet, you’d think it’d be a complete shitshow, but it’s not. Between a strong community and reporting system, as well as (reportedly) some good filters, my experience (and others’) has been overwhelmingly positive.

screenshot of "Kind Words"

While the sale is probably over by the time you read this, even “full price” is only $4.99, and definitely worth it. Highly recommended.

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